Microjet® Universal Shrub Adapters are used on top of 1/2″ BSP Standpipes in garden beds. Different lengths of Standpipes / Poly Risers can be used to raise the sprinkler above the level of the shrubs. Microjet® Poly Risers ( Standpipes) are ideal for this purpose.

Microjet® Universal Shrub Adapters come in 3 formats:

PA100 – Designed for all pressfit type jets. These are made from Acetal (POM) plastic to ensure that the pressfit sprinkler does not blow off, particularly after it has got hot in the sun and the water is turned on.

PA200 – Designed to fit any threaded Microjet® with a 2BA thread. It can also be used with any Microjet® threaded adapters for tubing or rigid risers. It is made from HDPE plastic which allows the threaded jets to cut a thread into it to ensure a good, strong and leakproof seal.

PA400 – Designed to fit any standard pop nozzle. This part has been tested with all major brands. It works with or without the recommended filter.


PA 100

1/2″ BSP (for presfit jets)

PA 200

1/2″ BSP  (for threaded microjets)

PA 400

½” BSP ( for Popup Nozzles)