STANDARD – With Blue Framejet Downspray
ADJUSTABLE – With Varijet® Downspray

(Assembled with 150mm Stake, Barbed Adaptor, Framejet Downspray)

potstake3Microjet® Potstake is special configuration from our range of Stake Assemblies. As in all Stake Assemblies, the Microjet® Potstake comes from the factory pre-assembled, tested and ready to use with minimal work.

The biggest difference between the Microjet® Potstake and the other Stake Assemblies is that the Potstake does not come with tubing. This is because the applications where it will be used will require differing lengths of tubing and therefore it is not possible to have it pre-assembled with tubing.

The Microjet® Potstake consists of: A 150mm Microjet® Stake, A short piece of rigid riser (about 100mm), A tube adaptor (BG04) and A Microjet® Varijet® Downspray. Microjet® PVC tubing (black or green) and Tube Fittings (Adaptors, Tees) should be used to connect the Potstake to the water supply.

The Microjet® Potstake is designed for use in plant pots where the water spray can be accurately controlled and only spray in the pot, not over the sides, while still wetting as much as possible of the soil / foliage. The adjustable Varijet Downspray will allow the user to finely adjust the spray to ensure that there should be very few dry spots in the pot as well no overwatering. This makes the Potstake a superior way of watering potplants to using hosepipes, watering cans or drippers.